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Trey Smith - Colorado Author
(Late Night Silly Blog Title) 
Really... This whole blog I am writing is... I don't really know what it is to be honest.

Trey Smith Blog and Trey Smith late night meaningless coffee junkie ramble. My name is Trey Smith.

First, Let's address the Trey Smith (Will Smith son issues)

I used to get emails all the time asking if I was Trey Smith (Will Smith's son). Thus, I now specify in my search criteria that I am an author from Colorado. Additionally, if you look at our pictures, Will Smith's son Trey Smith's picture and mine, you may be able to tell us apart. Now, let me also say this, I have nothing against Will Smith's son. I simply don't want to get his emails. And, Trey, if you are reading this, I have to apologize as I accidentally deleted a whole list of college age cheerleaders that wanted to do something or other with you. It involved a hot tub, champaign and something to do with a pony... I didn't quite understand that part of it.
But, I tell you what I am willing to do: talk your dad into putting in a good word for me to Steven Speilberg and I bet I can get you set up with the Denver Broncos Cheerleaders. Or, if nothing else, some girls that own a Denver Bronco's Jersey.

Trey, I love ya man... I mean you no offense. (I hope that covers my little rant above). Will, don't worry about the Speilberg thing. I have a feeling I'm getting there; slowly but steadily.

So, what were we talking about. Oh... that's right. I am NOT Will Smith's son Trey Smith. I am Trey Smith the author from Colorado. Basically, I write books. For a lot of years I couldn't get one to sell. My God, even as Will Smith could probably tell you, it is not fun, not nice and not friendly out there when you are trying to get started. I am telling you that I have had so many writing rejections in my life that even my rejections have had rejections.

It has only been in the last few months that things have began to work out. I am telling you this: there are people in my life who keep saying that I am starting to get "lucky". This is way I feel about that, it just seems that the harder I work the luckier I seem to be getting. And, getting lucky is a real pain butt sometimes... sometimes I  don't know if "luck" is even worth it. More than that, it really sux when you spend endless hour on something and the "luck pot" is in the negative. Nevertheless, it is actually those moments that show you who your real friends are.
But, I want you to be my friend. I want you to be someone I can write and convey the true depths of my craziness (and my sincere love for the Lord in that craziness) to you on a regular basis. I have more than enough insanity to go around. I can share some of it with you, that is the best I can offer. I am going to be completely honest when I say that I am not a normal guy... I am so far from normal that I don't really even know what that would feel like. I dream about "normal" sometimes. It seems so simple; easier maybe. Regardless, I am just a odd guy playing the hand I've been dealt. And, if you are less than normal like me... than you are going to love some of the things I have to tell you. The section below will begin to fill in as we go along. The Trey Smith story.... A private blog diary. Well.. private except for the fact I am letting you read it. Anyhow... just look down there. I am confusing myself at this point.

The TREY SMITH story

I am going to come back to this blog and fill some things in.
Issues I want to cover at the right time. And, here is the other deal, it is like 3 in the morning right now... I find myself up at these hours a lot. But, maybe I'll pop in a movie... maybe Will Smith's Independence Day.

These are the things we are going to talk about later when I get the time; kind of strange this things. I am telling you the truth when I say there is nothing normal about me. So, here are my personal Trey Smith (me, the author out of Colorado) things we will most assuredly be going over on a somewhat large scale here soon.

1) ????? This one is the big secret. It is gonna shake some things. True story, real secrets

2) Then my new book about the ????????? real big bad mean secrets of a billion dollar ??????? company. True story, real secrets.

3) My friendly little book about a place called Taos New Mexico. Ok - maybe its not a friendly little book. Maybe it is the most low-down, adrenalin pumped, action thrill ride you ever read. Although I told publishers it was fiction, it's probably more true than I'd like to admit. Movie stars, dope dealers, crooked cops, homosexual children's book authors, guys killing cows (cattle mutilations) and saying aliens did it, bad guys, bad guys and more bad guys.... Oh my lord... it just goes on and on. Quentin Tarantino's got nothing on Taos. It sort makes Pulp Fiction look like a test pattern. I don't really understand the publishing offers for it. Some of the very people that have made offers are the same people that originally told me that the book was "not marketable" just two years ago. They said that it would "twist audiences too far". Honestly, that always sounded like a great caption to put on the front cover. But, what do I know, I am just a guy that lives in front of computer screens and drinks gallons of cheap coffee.

I also truly believe in God now. I am a little different person than the guy I was when I wrote Taos. Taos was like pouring every angry emotion I ever felt into a book. There were a lot of really rough years in my life... years I sometimes found myself sleeping on the ground in the desert of Mexico... years you could only hope that the thing crawling over you in the middle of the night wasn't poisonous. But, that is how my life was in those years, full of poisonous things I felt I couldn't control. Thus, the book; Taos. It is full of poisonous things. But, (as a writer) I must say the publishers are right. It will twist you. Nevertheless, it is a really good read and I hope to put in your hands soon.

What is the very most important to me are the spiritual things I am writing now. I do not define them as anything other than my own beliefs of the Truth. There is more to this life than selling a book or what kind of car we drive. There is a lot more. Some of those rough years I went through are the most valuable to me in the things I am writing now. What I am writing now are the most powerful things I know to write. I can only hope and pray you get something out them without spending a single night on a desert floor or any situation which could genuinely make one fear for their life. There is a God. He wants to know us. If I could show you that then I would consider it my greatest accomplishment. However, the glory is not mine, it is the Lord's. Some people are just being trite when they say that; I want you to know, I do mean it.

Well, it is getting late. Will Smith, Trey Smith... If you are out there listening. I think you are both great. And, just to show my respect, Trey, the next movie you are in, I will specifically go buy a ticket to it. How does that sound?

Well, I think this is goodnight for me. For real this time. But, this is what I want everyone to do, even those of you who perhaps aren't as important as Will Smith and Trey Smith; I want you to take a look at the new writing I have been working on. It is something new... something that genuinely has not been done before. It rocks and you are going to absolutely love it. I have to warn you, it is out there. But, just like you were willing to read a blog this far by a strange guy like me; you haven't seen anything yet. I want you to click on any of the links below. Fill out any form you can find in those sites. I have got a lot... a lot... a whole lot of the unimaginable yet to come.

God in a Nutshell
Angels Quiz
LOOK: Satan: Judgment Day for the Dragon
Trey Smith Bio

That's all I got for now. I am going to put a little "find me bobber" text beneath. This is Trey Smith.

AUTHOR BIO: Trey Smith

Trey Smith aka, Brian Trey Smith, was born in Houston, Texas January 8th 1977. He attended ministry school at Christ for the Nations in Dallas, Texas. Trey Smith now lives in Colorado where he is author of the God in a Nutshell series.

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New Joel Osteen Update: Pastor Joel Osteen, Trey Smith and the sick frog? Joel Osteen laid hands on the animal live in front of the Joel Osteen audience at Joel Osteen s Lakewood Church. Joel Osteen asked Trey Smith where the frog had come from? Although Joel Osteen showed no initial interest in the healing of the frog, Joel Osteen did see how serious the situation was. Joel Osteen could see that Trey Smith wanted healing for the frog. Taking the amphibian into a back room of the church, Joel Osteen told Trey Smith, Look, these things happen. Trey Smith, dissatisfied with Joel Osteen s response, told Joel Osteen, I am not leaving until this finished. Joel Osteen observed the twitching leg of the frog. Slowly, Joel Osteen reached out his hand over the animal. Yet, before Joel Osteen s prayer began, Joel Osteen firmly stated, this is ridiculous. Nevertheless, Trey Smith did compel Joel Osteen to say a prayer. Joel Osteen did not focus on the frog but for favor from God in all aspects of our lives. Trey Smith then asked Joel Osteen to assist him in the frogs burial. Reluctantly, Joel Osteen, out of respect for the situation and Trey Smith s clear feelings for the frog, agreed. Joel Osteen staff and Joel Osteen Senior staff for Joel Osteen Church all decided to organize a plan for Joel Osteen and Trey Smith whereby the frog matter would be brought to a close. However.. Read More

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